Fascination with Lucid Dreaming

I had always known about it, but never attempted. Even if I did, I wasn’t consistent in practicing it. I watched a movie recently called “Heaven is for Real”. This movie completely melted me away. The movie shows a little boy who comes from a family who’s faith in God is evident. The whole family is involved in church activities and the boy’s father is a preacher in the church. The boy falls sick one day and happens to have an OBE (Out-of-body experience) where he sees the doctors operating on him as well as his parents in the waiting room. He goes to heaven and meets Jesus as well and various lost members of the family.

This movie is a must watch for those who’re interested in any metaphysical phenomenons like lucid dreaming, astral projection (OBE), past-life regression etc. My interest in learning how to lucid dream has increased after this. I have several hypnosis programs and books on lucid dreaming and I am hoping to begin the journey now. Its a natural thing that we do in our sleeps. The only problem is that when we’re in a dream, we don’t actually realize that we are dreaming. Everything in the dream seems so real. On those rare occasions when I became inspired and began to practice lucid dreaming (only to quit a few days later) I did end up having some vivid dreams (one step before lucid dreaming). These dreams were very clear and I could remember every single detail in the majority of the dream.

I’ve been collecting a lot of free resources online on lucid dreaming with some hypnosis tracks which I have started using. I’ll update my progress here as the days go on. Lucid dreaming is a way to forget everything and enter a world you create. It is therapeutic and can help you overcome any past traumas or memories. I know that I have a lot of things from the past to overcome and I’m holding onto Lucid dreaming as a beginner’s approach into healing. Out-of-body experience would be the next step after mastering lucid dreaming. I’m not in a rush, but I also don’t want to wait long enough to see what the other dimension has in store; what my subconscious has to say.

Dreams are created by our subconscious minds, so lucid dreaming can help us look into our own subconscious minds and face what’s hurting us or what we desire. I’ve had a personal experience with a family friend who overcame nightmares after having a lucid dream. She used to have nightmares on a regular basis. After a few lucid dreams, she stopped having them. Belief is the one reason why we all are surviving. We all have a reason to live, a reason we believe in. It is the same reason why lucid dreaming works too. You might as well try it to believe that it really works.

If you could lucid dream, what would you like to dream about? These are questions to keep pondering about before when deciding to practice because it can become easier during the dreaming process. For me, the possibilities are just so many. I want to travel to various countries, fly close to the sun (but not get melted like Icarus did!), float in a river of bubble tea, climb on top of the clouds made of vanilla ice cream and a big cone that’s holding it underneath. I wish to see what all I’m capable of. I wish to get ideas, numerous ideas that I could share with the world. I wish to compose and write a song. My imagination just keeps going. There is no end to the possibilities once I begin to lucid dream.

I’ll be beginning my lucid dreaming hypnosis sessions today. I’ll keep blogging about my progress. I would like anyone with an experience in lucid dreaming to provide some suggestions to accelerate my progress. If you’re interested in lucid dreaming, please search the internet. You need not spend money on books or other mp3s. The internet is a wide resource filled with goodies to guide you. If you wish to join me on this journey, please do! I welcome anyone who’s interested to begin the journey with me and keep me posted on their progress.


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