The Forgotten Apple

I’m talking about that apple that someone gave you when you visited them for lunch one day. It’s that apple that you grabbed after the morning breakfast hoping to eat it on the way to work. It’s that apple that your grabbed in a hurry because you knew you won’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning. Its that apple that you grabbed during lunch because it was the only healthiest option available. It’s that apple that you kept near you hoping to eat whenever you had a craving for snacks because you had been reading too many health and nutrition posts that you wanted to begin changing your dietary habits. Whatever the case was, you grabbed that apple and put it in your bag hoping to eat it. The only problem was that you didn’t actually eat it. It traveled with you everywhere in your bag.

Every time you opened your bag and the beautiful juicy apple, you wanted to eat it but there was always a reason why you didn’t. Perhaps you were too hungry that you didn’t prefer something sweet; you preferred hardcore carbs instead to fill you up. You had nice runny eggs with potatoes for breakfast and you just didn’t have more space in your stomach to eat the apple afterwards. You were standing on the crowded train realizing you had grabbed the apple from home while rushing to catch the train, but you couldn’t eat it because you preferred to hold on the hand rails instead to prevent yourself from falling in the moving train. Of course no one standing in a crowded train would prefer to fall trying to take an apple out of a bag in a moving train, and subsequently dropping their phone and other things. This would only cause more embarrassment and unwanted attention. You thought you’d get hungry in the middle of class, but you didn’t have time in class to eat it. You also didn’t want to make sounds biting an apple, so you didn’t eat it and brought it home with you again. The apple continued to remain in the bag as usual.

There was always some reason why you couldn’t eat that apple and it kept traveling with you everywhere. One of your friends asked you for the apple, but you said “no” because you knew there would be a time when you’d eat it. You still didn’t and you didn’t give it to someone else who wanted it. You came home one day and decided to take the apple out of your bag and keep it on the dining table. It had been 5 days already since the apple traveled with you everywhere you went. It’s a good thing that it’s an apple isn’t it? Had it been a banana, your bag would have been a mess already.

Your were sitting at your dining table one day and your friend came over for dinner with her little boy. You didn’t have anything to give the kid, so you offered the apple. The kid never liked fruits, so he refused. The apple again continued to sit on the table, still in decent edible condition. It was middle of the night and you were working on your assignment due the next day. You were starving and there was nothing to eat in the fridge. You wanted pizza and breadsticks, but all the restaurants were closed at this hour. There was no milk or cereal either. The apple continued to stare at you from the dining table, but you didn’t have an appetite for it. You preferred to starve than to eat that apple.

A few days later, you began on a journey to eat healthier. You wanted to throw away all the junk food and begin eating healthily. You went shopping to re-stock your pantry and fridge. You went to the fruits section and saw bags of fresh apples. You were reminded of that apple that was sitting on your dining table. That moment you promised yourself to eat that apple before buying more. You didn’t buy any more fruits until then. You came home and switched on the television. You finally felt a craving for having apple with peanut butter. You grabbed the apple and took it to the kitchen to cut it. The problem now was that it began to rot away. You had no choice but to throw away the apple.


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