Teddy Bear Hug

Who doesn’t love a teddy bear hug? You know when someone squeezes you so tightly and all you can do is give a big smile? It’s that hug I’m talking about. The person giving you this hug doesn’t need to be huge, but they need to have lots of love for you within. A teddy bear hug is spontaneous and can be felt. It is very pure. It indicates that the person who’s giving you the hug has either missed you so much or they’re extremely grateful for you in their life.

When you see your mother after studying an year abroad and she gives you a big squeeze, it brings tears in her eyes. She has missed you so much and so have you. You see the cutest little kid in the park, you pick her up and cuddle her so tightly that you fear her bones would break (but fear not, she begins to smile at you and your heart melts likewise.) You receive a gigantic teddy bear for valentine’s day from your boyfriend. It’s huge with welcoming arms, but it doesn’t have the same magic as a real hug. The teddy bear sits untouched in your bedroom; you’d rather have your boyfriend come and give you a real hug instead.

You feel the love when someone squeezes you so tightly. It is genuine. No one can force you to give or get a hug like that. Quick hugs aren’t pure. Genuine hugs take at least 5-6  seconds to release. When someone gives you a tight hug it isn’t easy to release quickly because of the amount of force that’s exerted. It takes time to absorb the hug. Whenever I watch movies and see parents quickly kissing or hugging their kids goodbye while going to work, I think it’s ironic in a way. They’re doing it just to show they haven’t forgotten their kids, but the truth is that its better to not hug at all than to give a flawed one. I would prefer giving a big hug every morning to my loved ones no matter what the rush is about.

A hug goes a long way. Hugs have been known to be therapeutic. Sick people’s lives are enhanced with hugs. It is most comforting thing a sick person can receive when they’ve already been bombarded with IVs, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries. A person suffering from depression may not be open enough, but a hug can definitely be a way for them to open up and make them feel better. Pure hugs can make someone feel very secure and loved. Isn’t this the feeling that every person in this world would like to feel every single day?

Imagine if your day begins with the biggest hug possible, it stays with you throughout the day at work or school or wherever you are. Your problems, no matter how big, seem solvable. You accomplish all your tasks on time. Your boss acknowledges you and you’re praised by your colleagues. You ace your exam and become the leader in your team. People wonder what’s your secret, they ask you. You turn around with a wide smile and say to yourself, “It’s the magic of a great big teddy bear hug.”


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