The Career Woman

Nothing proved better than the fact that Elaine was a dedicated young lady in whatever field she chose to work. Talent was her gift, and developing it was her strength. She had the skills to study anything . It was very unusual for some people to accept that as a natural trait, but there was no need for Elaine to stress herself trying to convince anybody because the result was seen in her actions. Be it 11:00 a.m. or 2:00 a.m., Elaine will finish her work regardless. Deadlines and due dates were no problem because Elaine was a last minute worker and despite of losing sleep she’d still finish her assignments on time. That was her guaranteed word. Her only major problem was procrastination which made her life stressful. Working harder under stress kept her motivated, but made her extremely tired and exhausted.

She wasn’t a tomboy, but her “friends” made her look like one. It bothered her in many ways because she didn’t have any explanations to over power their silly comments. They kept telling her that she was trying to hide her manly traits and that she always dressed manly. She was made into a joke only because she did not have a man in her life. That was the exact distraction Elaine was trying to avoid. She had no time for all that. It either had to be a perfect relationship or none at all.

Elaine had an ambition in her life and she had to work hard to achieve it. Her counselors in school told her that she need not listen to anyone’s comments. The fact that people do this is to prevent her from achieving her goals. People are jealous because they’re not ready to take efforts. They are lazy and want to make others lazy. They cannot achieve anything, so they want to tell her that she can’t achieve anything. The more Elaine tried ignoring people, the harder they kept pushing. Life started becoming difficult and Elaine wasn’t able to focus in her daily activities. People’s jealousy had gone far beyond limits to stop her from increasing her potential. Elaine felt useless, she just wanted to die.

What is wrong in being a career woman? She wondered.  How will having a man in her life be a solution to everything? That wasn’t right. People weren’t right. They weren’t the ones to judge her. She took baby steps. She didn’t want to rush through life. Perhaps taking smaller steps would be easier to handle when people start commenting. The mind tends to get influenced easily. There was nothing she could do to control people, but there was something she found to control her way of handling things when things seemed overwhelming. She soon decided to join a bunch of other career women like her whose main focus was achieving their lifelong goals. And that was exactly the key to her success.

Moral of the story: It is essential to connect with like minded individuals for our own success; those who would support and not envy our success. People will say many things to put a barrier between us and success and its up to us to ignore and move forward.


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